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Universal Banker Training Workshop - SWARM Banking:
Available Virtually

Join Extraco Consulting for a one (1) day workshop designed to educate participants in the basic components that led to the formation of the award winning Universal Banker Model, known as SWARM BankingTM.  SWARM Banking is more than just a Universal Banker model, it is a holistic approach to the customer experience that ensures excellence beyond customer expectations.  As a part of the workshop, see the model in action while virtually touring a financial center where you can talk to employees and see all of the technology that enables the model to run smoothly. Learn curiculum content for Universal Banker and SWARM Banking Training best practices.  Participants will leave with the needed tools to implement on-going behavioral training solutions in a turn-key fashion.

Workshop Includes:

  • The importance and vision of the SWARM Banking model
  • The components of the model
  • Functional behaviors
  • Universal Banker (SWARM Banking) expectations
  • Extensive situational role-play will be conducted to ensure a thorough understanding of the model and its expectations

Training Materials Include:

  • Trainer's Manual with Teaching Guide
  • Interactive Participant Workbook
  • Training Session PowerPoint
  • Disc with all training materials
  • List of recommended supplies
  • Ice breakers and games to reinforce the course content
  • Role play exercises to practice the skills being taught


Additional Program Content:

  • Participate in a Financial Center Tour to virtually "See the Model in Action"
  • Question & Answer Session



Workshop Dates Available


All workshops for 2021 have been modified to allow for either in-person (limited seats) or virtual training.  You can still register to attend virtually and receive the same materials and experience from the comfort of your home or office.


  • January 21st
  • April 22nd 
  • July 29th 
  • November 4th



Workshop Pricing:

  • Universal Banker Certification Workshop ONLY
         1st Participant = $1,500
         2nd + Participant(s) = $750 each
  • Combination with 1 Train-the-Trainer session:
         1st Participant = $925*
         2nd + Participant(s) = $725* each

  • Combination with full Train-the-Trainer series:
         1st Participant = $825*
         2nd + Participant(s) = $675* each




For a more detailed overview of the Train-the-Trainer seminar and topics for the Behavioral Training to support Universal Banker Strategies, view our brochure.




*In addition to the Customer Service and/or Relationship Building Sales Training Train-the-Trainer session fees.  See the Behavioral Training Brochure above for more information.
**Available only to bank and credit union attendees.  Seminars are not available to vendor participants.